Desiree Riveras

Artistic Director & Owner

Desiree’s dance career started at the age of three when she started dancing for David Sanders’ Dance Dynamics in Long Island, NY. She studied ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and acrobatics. She student taught her last year of high school and then went off to college where she attended Fayetteville State University. In college she started teaching at a local studio, where she started her love for educating in the arts.

She soon transferred to University of Delaware where she was a Nutrition major with a Biology and Dance Minor. She performed with the UD dance minor company each year where she grew a love for modern dance. She also started working at various dance studios and even expanded into the gymnastics world. She first started off as a ballet coach for First State Gymnastics in Newark, DE. She instilled in her gymnasts the importance of learning and growth and opening your mind to new things in order to grow. In exchange for their hard work during class, she allowed them to teach her a skill from their sport. This was an open gateway into a whole new world for her.

Desiree started coaching both ballet and gymnastics soon after. Anywhere from ballet coaching with the preteam to level 9 on the USAG teams, head coach for the USAIGC teams Copper to Silver and USAG levels 1 to level 7, Desiree has surely mastered the skill of building confidence and producing quality gymnasts. She has worked most closely with Sagamore Gymnastics in Syosset, NY and First State Gymnastics along with a few others in her coaching career. She has taken her skill of having a dance background and applied it to her gymnastic knowledge to have the gymnasts at the peak of their performance capabilities. She also has also used mindful techniques with all of her gymnasts to help them with the mental blocks they cross for a holistic approach to coaching. She has now had the privilege of having a direct impact on gymnasts who have won at the state, regional, national and international levels in both the USAG and USAIGC meets.

While teaching in the world of gymnastics and dance, she started to make a connection and a new found connection in the needs of each child. The importance of physical fitness and obtaining optimal health was crucial to the success of her recreational and competitive students. She had found her strengths among the disciplines and realized how she could tie it in along with her studies in college and life lessons to help our youth.

After teaching for a decade and studying the obesity epidemic in America, she decided to start Mindful Arts Dance Academy. She has geared her focus and purpose of her studio to educate our youth in the proper care for their vessels. Not only to their physical health, but their mental health as well. Her curriculum includes stretching and conditioning, articulation of dance terms and technique, mindfulness and meditation practices, and learning about nutritional health, and practical life lessons. Along her years of teaching, she cannot doubt the strength of the breath. She has always use the focus of breathing and being in the moment to guide her students through their instruction. Breathing allows for more thoughts to enter your mind and for you to appreciate the moment and find your inner strength and abilities. Youth participants will certainly exhibit confidence, self esteem, and empowerment with understanding that sky is NOT the limit!

Aside from her dedication to growing her arts education center, Desiree is a mother of two beautiful boys, Malachi and Messiah. Malachi is a dancer and skateboarder and we hope Messiah will find his niche in the arts when the time comes.